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Petkit Eversweet Travel 2 Pack Replacement Filters - 200 Bottle Re-Fills

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Comes 2 per pack, for a 200 Bottle supply

Each filter is made from natural coconut shells to insure clean flow of water

Helps filter out many harmful chemicals found in un-filtered water such as Heavy Metals and Chlorine

So easy to install, snaps right into place right inside the bottle with no hassle

Contains activated carbon for a more powerful clean


The 2 pack PETKIT Eversweet Travel Carbon Replacement Filtration units are only to be used with the EVERSWEET Travel device. The filtration units are composed of natural coconut shells and sold as a 2 Pack. The filtration unit helps filter out Heavy Metals and Chlorine found in contaminated or unfiltered water. Internally each filter features mesh screens with activated carbon and Ion-Exchange Resins. Each Carbon filter is to be used for 100 bottles, 200 bottle supply per pack.

ITEM DIMENSIONS: Length 2.8 x Width 2.8 x Height 3.2

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